About Me

Hello! A few bullet points about who I am: 
  • I am a California girl at heart, who absolutely loves to travel.
  • I am SUPER Type A and I love to have things organized and "just so."
  • Napping is one of my favorite past times and I can literally fall asleep anywhere (including standing up, don't ask how I know this).
  • I am a Spanish Literature major who left a big part of her heart in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.
  • I am an honest and loyal (almost to a fault) friend (and I might even have what I would call a “friendship tattoo”...more on this later).
  • Probably like most people, I'm not a fan of chores, but love the sense of accomplishment and the beauty of a clean house.
  • I love to do crossword puzzles (I learned this from my dad).
  • I am a new wifey! (Our anniversary is 2.23.13).
  • I have an adorable kitty kat named Six (my husband named her, again, don't ask).
  • I really do love to read, when I can find the time (which is not very often) and my husband and I have recently started a collection of rare books. 
  • I like to cook, but I love to bake and still have and use my Kitchen Aid that I received as a Christmas present when I was 12. 
  • More than I love to bake, I love to eat and drink good food, good wine and fancy cocktails!
  • I love to throw parties and celebrate with people I love.
  • I hate exercising but understand that it is a necessary evil for staying alive, healthy, and in my jeans (considering point above about how much I love food).
and last but not least, if you have yet to notice:
  • I love to share. If I find something new and wonderful I am almost always sharing it right away. A new website, recipe, exercise move, store or cleaning tip, I’m a sharer (yes, I know this is not a word) which is why I have started this blog :)