Why, "The Good Life Takes Work"?

Why, you ask, have I titled my blog, "The Good Life Takes Work?" Well let me tell you...

I've realized over the years that unfortunately, life is harder than it looks and that the things that I want, well, they take work.

I want the beautiful Pottery Barn-esque home (and I want it to be crazy clean ALL the time and I want it on a budget!), I want a super fit and sexy body and I want to have the fashion sense of a fancy designer, I want to be a Top Chef and a Master Baker in the kitchen, I want to take fabulous vacations and look great while doing it, I want to be a wonderful wife to my new husband, the best friend you could ever ask for and the financial guru of the house...I mean really, I could go on forever but you get the gist. Basically, I want The Good Life! And as much as I want it to come easy, it doesn't always, so here I will blog to you about the things I do, big and small that make my already wonderful life, even better.

My hope is that you’ll come away with  new and helpful information each time you read and that you'll learn real things that you can really do even if you aren't a super crafty person or a regular trip planner etc. I'm also hoping to make you smile. Let's be honest here, there will certainly be some Pinterest Fails--I'm certainly not perfect!

More than anything I'm hoping this process pushes me to try and learn new things for myself--things I've Pinned or ripped out of magazines or seen on TV or heard from a friend--now is my time (and yours too!)!

Things to look for and reasons to keep coming back:

Recipes (healthy, splurge, cocktail and dessert!)

Organizational and Cleaning Tips
Fitness Tips and Short Work Outs
Travel Planning Ideas
DIY Projects for the House
Party Planning Ideas (Holiday Parties, Weddings, etc)
Who Knows What Else!!

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to subscribe, comment or email me, I look forward to hearing from all of you!